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Living well in Kaarst.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Kaarst citizen,

We are delighted that you have chosen to visit us via this website and find out more about what we do. The CDU Kaarst are committed citizens, who have been committed to the interests and future of the town of Kaarst and its five districts for many years. Each and every one of them puts their mind, knowledge and heart and soul into making our city even more liveable. We represent many interests: We want the economy to flourish, because this is the only way to create good jobs and lots of jobs. services. The diverse organisation of clubs and associations is as important to us as the healthcare system and, of course, we want you to get from A to B safely and comfortably. A sustainable environment is just as important to us as the education of our children.

However, a city is also worth living in thanks to many local cultural events - we definitely want to continue to promote this, because community is created through encounters; How nice it is when we meet at events such as the shooting festivals, Many Nations One City, at the Albert Einstein Forum for cabaret events or at the Tuppenhof for readings - to name just a few.

Kaarst - that's Büttgen, Driesch, Holzbüttgen, Kaarst-Mitte and Vorst. Kaarst is the Rhineland way of life, urban flair and rural idyll. Kaarst is culture and business. Kaarst is tradition and future. We want everyone in Kaarst - young and old - to feel at home in this city and that everyone lives well here.

The CDU is the party with the most members in Kaarst and of course we want to continue to grow, because we can only change things if many people pull together, if many people are committed to a good cause. 

Stay in contact with us online and offline, please visit our events or write to us at info@cdu-kaarst.de

I greet you warmly

Yours Christian Horn-Heinemann

Kaarst can do more.

Kaarst is close to our hearts - with all its wonderful aspects, but also its rough edges. We have a good basis in Kaarst to bring out the best for all citizens and to find a way for this city that takes everyone along.

We are committed to this:

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CDU meets business - summer party at the CGW
CDU summer party of the state parliamentary group in Düsseldorf - 18 June 2024
Data centre of the NRW Ministry of Finance celebrates topping-out ceremony in Kaarst Holzbüttgen
Von links nach rechts: Stefan Reinelt, Dennis Oscheja, Dr. Thomas Kohlhase, Johannes Höhner
CDU Büttger Brunnenfest - nice that such traditions exist

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