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CDU in Kaarst:

This is what we stand for.

We see ourselves as a party for all Kaarst residents and, of course, all five districts. We stand up for young and old. We stand for security and social justice. As a lively and dialogue-oriented party, we are a point of contact for everyone in Kaarst. As a Christian party, we are rooted in the church.

We are closely networked with the companies based in Kaarst and give economic interests a strong voice. We stand for sound finances and operate with foresight, discipline and clear priorities.

We love the Rhineland way of life and cultivate regional traditions such as shooting. We strengthen sports clubs and promote youth work. Community is very important to us in all areas.

We look forward to welcoming new members who are willing to lend a hand, provide new ideas and strengthen us in our endeavours - together we can achieve more!