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CDU position paper on the development of Kaarst town centre

Positionspapier der CDU zur Entwicklung der Stadtmitte Kaarst

Today's city centre with the town hall, town hall arcades and city park is the result of a courageous planning decision made over 30 years ago and largely shaped by the CDU.

The acquisition of central areas between the town hall and the Maubis Centre has opened up new development prospects for the city. We have therefore been pursuing the strengthening and further development of our city centre for several years. Our aim is to maintain and strengthen the city centre as a vital centre of our city for the next 30 years and to eliminate existing weaknesses as far as possible.

On our initiative, the Integrated Development and Sustainability Programme was established over five years ago.
action plan (IEHK) Kaarst was launched. The contents are summarised in a
extensive participation process with all citizens, associations and
other social institutions.

Last Saturday, 2 December 2023, we therefore adopted a position paper on the redesign of the city centre.

You can read and download the position paper here:

You can read and download the position paper here