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CDA Kaarst

Kaarst Christian Democratic Workers' Union

The Christian view of humanity, our values and principles - freedom and justice, solidarity and subsidiarity - are the compass of our policies. Based on this foundation, we are constantly looking for new answers to current challenges.

From our self-image, we represent the interests of employees and families in particular. We stand for democracy, the rule of law, the social market economy and the unity of Europe. We firmly reject any discrimination against people - be it on the basis of their religion, ethnic or social origin, gender or age, sexual orientation or disability.
Our political work is based on the resolutions of the federal conference, committee and executive committee. The CDA continuously addresses the small and large problems of our time and develops proposals on how to solve them.

We break down what happens in big politics at federal level to the town of Kaarst with its five districts - only if we are strong in the region can we also be strong at federal level.